Helen, Paul, and Francis

Postcard/Letter Campaign

Amy Bates (Paul's sister) has started a postcard and letter campaign, please help

Hi everyone,

I sat down today and felt I needed to take some action. I wrote a letter to the Mayor of New Orleans, Mayor Ray Nagin and to President George Bush. I have attached these letters if you would like to take a read. ed. please see below I just feel that this is something I can do to help. I know so many of you feel like you also would like to help bring this criminal to justice and I figured that we could all make a difference. My sweet friend Sue who has known Paul for more than 20 years suggested a postcard campaign. She suggested we all write letters and/or postcards to the Mayors office and/or the President to keep the pressure on for them to help the city of New Orleans police dept seek and find this shameful person. Sue suggested postcards not only because they only take a moment to write but you can send them very quickly and easily without having to pen a whole letter.

She also suggested we send them repeatedly, as in every week or so to the Mayor and/or the President; the more postcards that come in the more pressure. Also, if you can speak directly to helping find the person who killed Helen Hill it will keep the campaign in focus, and therefore keep the pressure on to find this criminal. I know that there are so many other unsolved cases and other issues that New Orleans is facing, but if we can focus on this task we may be able to make a wee bit of difference. So, here are the addresses if you would like to send a letter/postcard: (Also, below the addresses is more information on the campaign)

Mayor Ray Nagin
New Orleans City Hall
1300 Perdido Street
New Orleans, LA


Mr. President George Bush
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC

Thank you so much for your replies regarding this campaign, since then I have received some more email addresses from some of you to add to my distribution list for this campaign. I also received some information from Paul regarding another person he feels may have some weight in making things happen. It's the Governor of Louisiana herself, Governer Kathleen Blanco. Paul feels postcards/letters sent to her as well would help. So here is her address too

Governor Kathleen Blanco
c/o Constituent Services
P.O. Box 94004
Baton Rouge, LA.

If you would like to be part of this postcard campaign here is what we need you to do:
Send a postcard every week to the 3 addresses above:

Keep it simple. The point of this postcard campaign is to beg and plea for the help of these officials to keep the investigation to find Helen's killer. It should be directive and focused on this task, NOT as a general call for help to New Orleans or for help to all the crimes that have been committed or for further help to keep the streets safe (although these are all very very important issues). The purpose is to keep sending postcards in large volumes and repeatedly to these officials so that our voices are heard to keep investigating this case so that Paul, Francis and Paul and Helen's families can have some peace in knowing this person is caught.

Beg them to get other Police departments in neighboring Cities/States to help if they need it or get more Forensic experts involved. Talk about the wonderful things Helen and Paul have done for you or for your community or for others.

Keep it short. Maybe even have the addresses on your computer desk or pre-address the postcards so you need to only put them in the mail every week or so. If you would like to do this please act now. I have sent out my letters to the mayor and president today and they are on their way but the more people we can get involved in this the better.

It shouldn't take more than 5 minutes to write to these postcards. It will be so worth it if we can make a difference. Helen and Paul believed action was the best medicine in healing our community and this is something we can all do.

Also, just on a side note, it may be a good idea to keep any of your political views out of this campaign. It should be simply a plea for action towards helping find this person. What you think of Mr Bush, Mr. Nagin, or Ms. Blanco is really not the focus of this campaign.

Thank you all,
This is necessary.

Amy Bates
(Paul's sister)

Attached letter to President Bush
Attached letter to Mayor Nagin