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This film was taken by Jennifer Jordan Day on her visit to Helen & Paul in NoLa late last year. Helen grabbed the camera and shot the rest of the footage.

good luck clip
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This is a sort of valentine made for Helen and Paul when they were leaving Halifax. by Becka Barker

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This clip from Jim Munroe documents a visit to Helen and Paul's house in New Orleans, 2001.

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This clip from Jim Munroe is of the launch of Helen's book Recipies for Disaster.

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Mark Morris shot this video of Rosie in Helen's kitchen last October.

b. rox's video of a vegan lunch with Helen, Paul & Rosie.

Matt McCormick's film of Helen and her pet pig, Rosie, performing tricks.

Halifax Jazz Parade for Helen
First video taken with my camera and first video put on you tube by me.
Sound quality is off... and my mom answers the phone...
but Helen inspires people to show their own films..
thought this would be a nice way to show my first!

The whole day of remembrance was beautiful and loving, just like Helen.
I'll be gathering more video & photos from the event this week.

Much love, Heather

Helen Hill in Calgary, May 1999 - Becka Barker

New Orleans March

I was a friend of Helen's. Several independent New Orleans producers worked together today to shoot video and stills of the march on City Hall that was held in our city. For an incredible day of hard work, many special thanks to: Jake Springfield, Cheryl Wagner, Rebecca Snedeker, Maxx Sizeler, Aaron Walker, George Ingmire, Amy Sanderson, Chris Jeansonne, Jennifer Douthwaite and Casey Coleman.

Here are links to 5 videos of the march. Two are of speakers at the podium, one is of interviews, and two are of footage of the march itself. They are posted on

video one
video two
video three
video four
video five

High-resolution, broadcastable footage and print-resolution stills are available free of charge to the news media for reporting on this story at:

The website for the march itself is:

Please pass this information along. I'm guessing that many people who attended the funeral did not get to go to the march.

Tim Watson

Several new orleans folks who knew Helen, lead by producer Tim Watson, have posted scenes from the march against violence today on YouTube - [see the note above].

Also, a friend of Helen and Paul's, Bart Everson, spoke at the march yesterday and was interviewed by Anderson Cooper. Here is the YouTube link

Bart's interview

Bart is the guy who does the b.rox blog. He came over to help pack up the apartment, and is so torn up, like all of us, and wants positive action in response to this senselessness.

Thanks for the website -

"Music on Bourbon" - a song by Plowden

film farm dance clip
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A short film from Phil Hoffman's Film Farm - Film Farm Dance by Becka Barker

Halifax says goodbye to Helen
by Colin Mack

A Love Letter to Helen and Paul
Al Tuck live at the Seahorse, 3 February, 2007

ABC Nightline, 24 January, 2007
New Orleans Violence

Quite a few videos of Helen's Second Line in New Orleans posted by Food Music Justice
Funeral Parade
Parade part two
Parade part three
Parade part four
Parade cupcakes
Parade part five
Closing the parade