Helen, Paul, and Francis

things you can do in Helen's memory

Francis Pop Education Fund

Paul Ryan has set up a college savings account for Francis Pop. Please see below for instructions on how to help it grow.

A 529 college account has been set up with 2500 dollars in the name of Francis Pop Gailiunas.
Anyone can contibute- make a check out to:
"Schwab 529" and put account number 695-600-002-208 in the memo section of the check.
Send to: Charles Schwab and Co., PO Box 3368, Greenwood Vilage, Colorado 80155-9972
Checks must be at least 50 dollars. This money will grow tax free.

If you contribute, please drop an email to Paul Ryan - ryan [at] ulyssesfinancial [dot] com - so he can make sure that Schwab credits the account properly

If you wish to make a contribution to Doctors Without Borders (Medecins Sans Frontieres) please follow this link.
Please put her name in the appropriate boxes and the family will see the gifts.

You can contribute to a scholarship set up in Helen's grandmother's name:

Send to:

Columbia College
1301 Columbia College Drive
Columbia SC 29203
attn: advancement

The check should be made out to Columbia College. in the subject line it should say "Helen Addison Wingard Scholarship Fund"

Other things you can do

Francis Pop Story Box

Thanks so much for posting all of the wonderful pictures. We are all so distraught by this, but it helps to see her smile.

I have come up with a project that I would like to get others involved in. Please see the page my husband and I have created as a call for submissions and an explanation of the idea.


Thank you.
Andrea Christie

Magical Tree Sculpture

Nikki Page is organizing a sculpture in New Orleans

For information on where to send your leaves, check out the latest information

Hello Everyone,

I am sorry to have taken so long to get back to you all about the sculpture. Things are still in the planning stages, and I will keep you all posted on the development of the sculpture. I hope to post pictures of the creation process whenever possible. Donald Tully and someone known as Klaytoe have generously volunteered talent and materials to the project.

Many of you wish to make a leaf. Start it now! Aim for a size of about 2.5 x 4 inches, as thin as possible, yet weather-resistant. As for you who have volunteered to be collectors for different cities, I will come out with a more organized list of you all and where you are at in order to make things clear. I need addresses for you all so that I may post these for everyone who wishes to donate. As for those who have volunteered to be full receivers, meaning you will receive and ship all the leaves, I will likewise send on your info. to city gatherers. Thank you all so much!

I need you all who have volunteered to confirm your contribution so that I can solidify plans. You can do this by emailing me back. Please put Magical Tree Sculpture in the subject, this will help me organize my file.

Those of you who have serious location ideas, please email me again with these and the tentative plan for possibly getting approval from the city (not that this HAS to stop us). I have a feeling that the faster we move on that, the better, considering how freaked out the march made the big city important people!

If I have missed anything, I apologize, as my head is still a wee fogged up. Please share any organizational wonder tips you have!

All Love,
Nikki Page

Postcards for Poppy

Dear friends,

Paul and Helen's family have been comforted by the unbelievable amounts of love and admiration for Helen from all corners of the globe. Thank you all.

The family is managing thanks to all the memories of Helen that people are sharing with them and for the sake of that playful, sweet-natured little boy Francis Pop.

Helen sent a postcard a day. She loved that old-fashioned form of correspondence. I hope you can all send postcards to Paul and Helen's family as they continue to struggle through this. And you can send postcards to Francis Pop forever. This is still the best address...

Kevin and Becky Lewis
1432 Medway Road
Columbia, SC 29205

Paul will be moving to Vancouver at the end of this month. We'll post an address for him on the Helenhill.org website.