Helen, Paul, and Francis

Audio files from, by, or about Helen

Eve Troeh - mp3 of Helen

This is Eve Troeh in New Orleans, a friend of Helen's. Kittee came over today and we recorded the last voice message she left for Kittee and Dazee as an mp3.

Fausto Caceres - mp3

My name's Fausto - I was a friend of Helen's from CalArts in the 90's. Since then we'd kept periodic contact and I was happy & honored to do the sound for her "Madame Winger Makes a Film" short a few years back....and until i left oakland this summer, postcards and artwork from her decorated my walls.

I live in western China now, and have just gotten ths news that's left me among the many, suddenly deeply-wounded by this event. This is wrong, tragic,fucked up. This news is likely among the worst things i've ever heard... Because i've honestly thought of those two all these years as iconic perfect examples of the sweet,earnest, creative goodness possible in this world. nothing short of a pair of walking rainbows to me..... hearing from and seeing their post-Kartina photos was an incredible inspiration ....genuine spirit, man. Could anything keep these guys down? Now what is this? Who is this evil bastard who thought nothing of breaking hundreds of hearts in an instant like this? for what? for a wallet the world's been robbed of so much. I just can't believe this..

So, because I'm so far away, i don't have access to many of the bits of media that I would otherwise be able to easily contribute, nor can i attend any of the memorial gatherings planned, sadly but I do have this: it's a short little segment from a live mix collage radio show I did in 1998 that featured Helen just telling little stories about her grandfather 'Pop'. it's only a couple and a half minutes long, but it's all I have here. It's dear little piece that captures the innocent, colorful sweetness of Helen circa 1994-95 or so.

download the mp3 here

Dan Streible - mp3

A recording made during the Orphan Film Symposium in Columbia, March 2006. Helen attended the 4-day event and of course charmed everyone and made many new friends and fans, myself included. On the final night we screened some of Helen's new prints of her water-damaged, salvaged Super 8 home movies, which she introduced.

download the mp3 here

Dave Cash - song

I wrote a song about Helen. LINK to song

Here is his blog entry about it

CBC - Information Morning

CBC Radio Halifax did a section in their Information Morning show LINK to article
Thanks to Lisa Roberts who sent us the clip

Al Tuck - Love Letter to Paul & Helen

A song that Al Tuck wrote for Paul and Helen when they left Halifax. LINK to song

Helen's voicemail for Simon Dorfman

Helen's message for Simon from May 16, 2005 LINK to message